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Bait Fishing

  1. How to: Catching baitfish on Sabiki rigs [Video]

    This Fishing World presentation shows you how to go about catching your own live bait using Sabiki rigs.
  2. How to Series 2 - Rig live [Video]

    Rigging live baits correctly makes all the difference to success. Hodgie demonstrates the proven technique for rigging baits like slimy mackerel.
  3. How to Series 1 - Rigging natural baits [Video]

    Fishing World's Patrick Brennan presents another in a new series of practical informative videos - how to rig a natural bait, in this case the popular pilchard. Proudly presented by Jarvis Walker.
  4. Live Bait – How to use it [Tip]

    Live bait is arguably the most effective bait because in many fishing scenarios, nothing beats the real thing.
  5. Live Bait – How to find it [Tip]

    Using live bait is arguably the best way to maximise your chances of catching fish. You still have to fish in the right place at the right time of the tide, but when all variables are equal, live bait usually wins.
  6. How to Catch Beachworms with Bagpipes [Article]

    Live beach worms are gun bait for any fisherman. But they remain a luxury purchase in the bait shop. I still have a large bloodworm on lay-by.
  7. Fast food fishin’ at Noosa [Article]

    I visited a mate in Noosa recently. No public transport from the local airport. So after forking out $85 in cab fare into town (can you believe the flight was cheaper??), the cabbie spots my fishing rod.
  8. An afternoon fishing the beach [Article]

    In a sceneworthy of Defoe, an uninterrupted ribbon of white sand beckoned as my mate Scott Levi, his dad Vic and I shuffled to our fishing spot, laden with buckets, bait and rods.