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Fishing Basics
  1. Bananaphobia: Legend of the Mariner’s Curse

    The legend of the Banana Curse has plagued fisherman and mariners for centuries. For those yet to hear this superstitious sea lore, bananas on boats are believed to cause bad luck.
  2. Berley – A fish attractant

    ‘Berley’ is a mix of fish food items dispersed into the water to attract fish to the area you’re fishing—and keeping them there. It’s as useful for kids fishing jetties as it is for experienced gamefishers chasing big tuna off the continental shelf.
  3. Braid line – Summary of advantages

    Braided lines have changed the way we fish. They offer superior strength-to-diameter ratios to monofilament lines and the near-zero stretch properties offer anglers unmatched sensitivity. The thin diameters facilitate more line on reel spools and less drag through the air and water, all of which are great advantages.
Bait Fishing
  1. An afternoon fishing the beach

    In a sceneworthy of Defoe, an uninterrupted ribbon of white sand beckoned as my mate Scott Levi, his dad Vic and I shuffled to our fishing spot, laden with buckets, bait and rods.
  2. Fast food fishin’ at Noosa

    I visited a mate in Noosa recently. No public transport from the local airport. So after forking out $85 in cab fare into town (can you believe the flight was cheaper??), the cabbie spots my fishing rod.
  3. How to Catch Beachworms with Bagpipes

    Live beach worms are gun bait for any fisherman. But they remain a luxury purchase in the bait shop. I still have a large bloodworm on lay-by.
Lure Fishing
  1. Lure Fishing - Catching more with soft plastics

    Soft plastic lures are popular because they catch fish and are easy to use. The supple materials used to make these lures are perfect for a natural looking imitation of baitfish, and that’s what makes them so effective.
  2. Lure Fishing - Catching whiting on lures

    Hot whiting action is only a cast away if you fish smart. Try these handy tips to fine tune your tackle set-up, make longer casts and catch more!
  3. Lure Fishing – General tips

    Catching fish on lures is great fun and in many situations is more effective at catching big fish than some bait techniques. Traditional lure styles have been around longer than anyone reading this column but the modern variations include those fashioned from metals, timbers, hard plastics and soft plastics.
Fly Fishing
  1. FRESHWATER FLY-FISHING: Getting started

    Fly-fishing for trout has been around a long time. Mysticism seems to surround the sport, which has more than its share of eccentrics.
  2. Ideal beginner fly fishing set-up for trout

    Fly fishing is incredibly fun; there are few angling challenges as rewarding as landing trout on a dry fly.
  3. Trout Redemption

    The amiable John Coles is a fishing guide around the fringes of Sydney. His reputation is second to none. But I am a piscatorial Thomas.
  1. Floats - Fishing with floats

    Many of the fish we like to catch spend much of their lives hanging around the bottom of rivers and oceans. This explains why most fish’s eyes are at the top of the head—it’s practical for lying low, looking up for food to pass by.
  2. Hooks - Choosing the best hook for each situation

    Hook choice can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. Factors such as size, shape and weight of the bait, size of the fish’s mouth, strength of your line and reel drag, and dynamics of your rod will all influence what is the best hook choice for each style of fishing.
  3. Hooks – Selecting fishing hooks

    A fishing hook is no longer just a simple device. Technological advancements in materials and manufacturing have created so many variations that you’re almost guaranteed to find a hook specifically designed for the fish you like to catch.
Species Tips
  1. Barramundi – Tackle recommendations

    Using the right gear for the job is crucial to catching tough sportfish like barramundi. A specific approach suited to the target fish, the lure or bait you’re using and the terrain you’re fishing is always best, and modern tackle choices make it easy to get things right before you cast.
  2. Tackle set-up for luring bream

    Try these great value, high-performance products for luring bream in your local estuaries:
  3. Flathead - General Tips

    Flathead are an easy fish to catch and lend themselves well to many fish recipes, but you have to find them first.
Rigs & Knots
  1. How to Series 1 - Tie a Uni knot

    Fishing World's Patrick Brennan gives a practical demonstration on how to tie a handy universal fishing knot. Proudly presented by Rovex.
  2. How to Series 1 - Tie a loop knot

    Fishing World's Patrick Brennan gives a practical demonstration of tying a loop knot for lure fishing applications. Proudly presented by Rovex.
  3. How to Series 1 - Tie a Double Uni knot

    Fishing World's Patrick Brennan gives a practical demonstration of tying a popular knot for joining lines. Proudly presented by Rovex.