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  1. John Wilson's favourite coarse fishing rods [Video]

    John Wilson shows off his favourite rods that he uses for the vast majority of his coarse fishing. Plus, he reveals the latest development from Masterline Walker.
  2. How to - Build a fishing rod - Part 1 [Video]

    If you've ever wanted to build your own rod this video presented by renowned builder Gary Howard has all the info you'll need to get started.
  3. How to - Get the most from a custom rod [Video]

    This video outlines the benefits a custom built fishing rod can offer.
  4. How to Series 1 - Using wind-on leaders [Video]

    Fishing World's Sami Omari gives a practical rundown on knotless wind-on leader applications and how to rig them using a loop to loop connection. Proudly presented by Rovex.
  5. Rods Gary Howard Envy Light Spin Rods [Video]

    Fishing for yellowfin tuna with Fin-Nor Santiago game reels
  6. Sinkers - Sinker selection [Tip]

    Sinkers are the most basic of fishing tackle. If they sink, they work. But the science of sinking is not that straightforward. Like all fishing tackle, they are constantly evolving into a variety of shapes and sizes designed for specific functions.
  7. Rods - Lure casting rod choices [Tip]

    Fishing rods can look similar to the naked eye but modern designs are the result of sophisticated technologies used to create specific attributes—and which attributes you choose is never more critical than when selecting casting rods.
  8. Fishing Line - Choosing the right line for you [Tip]

    Fishing line is a simple device. It connects your reel to the fish you catch so, in theory, if it doesn’t break, you will catch most of what you hook. That theory is sound but it ignores some aspects of fishing line that can help you catch more.
  9. Leader - Rovex leader/trace recommendations for popular fish [Tip]

    Leader choice is crucial to fishing success. It’s a compromise between invisible and tough. Rovex takes the guesswork out of your choice with this chart of the best general leader for popular Aussie fish.
  10. Hooks – Selecting fishing hooks [Tip]

    A fishing hook is no longer just a simple device. Technological advancements in materials and manufacturing have created so many variations that you’re almost guaranteed to find a hook specifically designed for the fish you like to catch.
  11. Hooks - Choosing the best hook for each situation [Tip]

    Hook choice can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. Factors such as size, shape and weight of the bait, size of the fish’s mouth, strength of your line and reel drag, and dynamics of your rod will all influence what is the best hook choice for each style of fishing.
  12. Floats - Fishing with floats [Tip]

    Many of the fish we like to catch spend much of their lives hanging around the bottom of rivers and oceans. This explains why most fish’s eyes are at the top of the head—it’s practical for lying low, looking up for food to pass by.