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Species Tips

  1. Fin-Nor Kuala Rompin Sailfish Malaysia [Video]

    Catching sailfish in Kuala Rompin, Malaysia
  2. Yellowfin tuna caught on Fin-Nor Santiago [Video]

    Fishing for yellowfin tuna with Fin-Nor Santiago game reels
  3. Fishing Sydney - kingfish jigging [Video]

    Fishing Sydney's offshore grounds with metal jigs and Fin-Nor tackle, catching a 12kg kingfish.
  4. Sydney Harbour kingfish, 108cm 10kg [Video]

    Catching a 10kg kingfish in Sydney Harbour on a Tsunami nine-inch stick bait
  5. Catching mackerel with Fin-Nor reels [Video]

    Fishing for mackerel off Cairns
  6. How to catch King George whiting [Tip]

    King George whiting are caught from southern New South Wales to Western Australia. This species is not the biggest, meanest or hardest fighting fish in southern waters but, when it comes to popularity, this humble epicurean delight is near the top of most anglers' lists.
  7. How to catch South East Queensland’s sand whiting [Tip]

    Sand whiting are the sporty little speedsters of South East Queensland’s shallow surf gutters and beaches. They are great fun to catch on light line and there is no arguing the lovely sweet taste of fresh whiting fillets.
  8. Whiting tips [Tip]

    Whiting owe their popularity to a national distribution, relative accessibility and sweet table qualities. They are a great species for beginners soaking baits and have caused a stir recently with more experienced anglers enjoying success on small poppers.
  9. Tips for tailor [Tip]

    Tailor are accessible and relatively easy to catch from the shore or boat. They are tenacious adversaries and very entertaining when in the mood for displaying their aerial gymnastics skills.
  10. Squid fishing tackle set-up [Tip]

    Try this tackle combination for catching squid on squid jigs. It’s high performance—and affordable!
  11. Catching squid [Tip]

    Squid are great live bait for many species. Fresh squid also makes great strip baits. Catching squid is relatively simple if you’re fishing the right areas.
  12. Set up for luring snapper on soft plastics [Tip]

    Try these tackle suggestions for catching snapper on soft plastic lures. Or, if you live too far north for snapper, try the same casting outfits for catching coral trout on soft plastics, upgrading your leader to Rovex 30lb 10X Mono Leader.
  13. Snapper - Soft Plastic Luring Tips [Tip]

    Catching snapper on soft plastic lures is proving to be more effective than popular bait techniques. This phenomenon is so effective that if you adhere to the basics, you're almost guaranteed to catch a snapper.
  14. Catching snapper in Port Phillip Bay [Tip]

    Every survey of angling preferences undertaken in Victoria comes up with a single common denominator in saltwater. Asked what is their favourite fish, the majority of anglers who fish with bait say snapper.

    Murray cod is our most sought after native freshwater fish, the freshwater heavyweight of Australian waters.
  16. Murray cod hot spot: Murray River, Vic/NSW [Tip]

    Where: Wentworth, at the junction of the Murray and Darling Rivers, 34km west of Mildura, 590km north-west of Melbourne.
  17. Santiago takes on massive kingfish [Tip]

    Three days had passed without a sniff of a kingie and we began questioning our sanity. These giant pelagic fish are an angling milestone, one sent to test the very fibre of your being. Our live baits were suspended a few metres under balloons.
  18. Kingfish jigging tackle set-ups [Tip]

    Try these tackle combinations for catching kingfish on metal jigs!
  19. Flathead – The Soft Approach [Tip]

    The thought of changing to lures can be daunting for those who have always fished for flathead with bait. The range of lures is immense, so where do you start?
  20. Fflathead - Summer Tackle Set-up [Tip]

    Flathead species are found all around Australia and are accessible to anglers of all experience levels. They are an excellent fish to target this summer.
  21. Flathead - General Tips [Tip]

    Flathead are an easy fish to catch and lend themselves well to many fish recipes, but you have to find them first.
  22. Tackle set-up for luring bream [Tip]

    Try these great value, high-performance products for luring bream in your local estuaries:
  23. Barramundi – Tackle recommendations [Tip]

    Using the right gear for the job is crucial to catching tough sportfish like barramundi. A specific approach suited to the target fish, the lure or bait you’re using and the terrain you’re fishing is always best, and modern tackle choices make it easy to get things right before you cast.