One sunny day in 2004 it occurred to a couple of Australian fishermen that electric motors could be made better for anglers; more accessible and tough enough to handle the harshest fishing environments. We have proven that to be true. Our first Watersnake motors sold in 2006 and the word has since spread to anglers all over the world.

Watersnake electric motors are now increasing the catches of everyday fishermen in more than 25 countries. You’ll see our motors attached to all manner of boats, from humble father-and-son fishing boats, to pimped tournament boats, to beat-up old jon boats, to family pontoon boats, and even powering modern kayaks and canoes.

We try to keep things simple and so every day our designers focus on just one thing: making better motors. This simple philosophy ensures we are continually striving towards developing improved, clever, practical products that help you catch more fish. We strive to utilise emerging technologies and to create more innovative designs to ensure your Watersnake motor is forever your favourite fishing companion. Always helping, on the tough days and fish-filled ones. Always working for the best position so you can make a successful cast. Always ready to fish.

Of course, fishing and boating requires more than just an electric motor so over the years our team has also developed a range of other products to complement our electric motors. Now you will see the durable, practical and great value Watersnake traits also in electric motor accessories, boating safety equipment and general marine accessories.

We love the thought of our designs being a part of your favourite activities and time spent enjoying the many types of waterways all over the world. We want our products to make your time on the water easy and hassle free—and if you are an angler like us, we hope our motors help you catch more fish!

Rod & Reel Spare Parts, Reel Service & Watersnake Parts, Accessories & Service

In the event of you requiring spare parts or service on any Masterline Walker product please phone us on 01684 299000 between the hours of 9.00 am and 4.30 pm Monday to Friday selecting option 2 for “Service & Spares” or email us on sales@masterline.co.uk