A fishing hook can look simple to the naked eye—yet you might be surprised by the level of technology and rigorous testing involved to ensure that when it matters, your Tsunami hook will pin, set, grip and hold tough until your fish is landed.

At Tsunami, we know fishing and leave nothing to chance. All our hook designs are developed to ensure you can catch more fish; from the selection of high-carbon materials, to the technologically advanced heat treatment process—for the ultimate in hardness and strength—to our expert finish treatments that deliver a smooth surface and super-sharp hook point, for reliable penetration and hook setting.

And we don’t stop there! Our testing procedures utilise a series of different machines to test tensile strength, corrosion resistance, construction properties, material hardness and forming strength. We do all this so you can fish with confidence, whether you’re fishing a bubbling freshwater stream, deep lake, sandy beach, a rocky offshore reef or warm oceanic current.


Our Tsunami lures are designed to create swimming actions that trigger strikes from predatory fish. We consult with a range of expert anglers around the globe to develop the shapes, actions and colours proven to catch fish.

Our soft plastic fishing lures are made using the latest materials to create a realistic feel and swimming actions that mimic the natural ‘flutter’ of an injured baitfish. They feel so real the fish won’t stop at just one bite.

Our Tsunami hard-body lures are constructed to be tough for a long life. Each design is finely tuned to deliver that right amount of seductive roll and wiggle and we always concentrate on how our lures behave on the pause, to ensure you have the lure swimming action you need when it counts the most.

We also offer specialist metal lures for saltwater fishing, plus lures for freshwater salmonoids, spinnerbaits and squid jigs, too.

With so many options for so many fish, we reckon we’ve got what you need to catch your next great fish.

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