Rovex fishing tackle was developed by Australian tackle company Jarvis Walker. One day in 2003 we noticed just how much fishing expertise has been walking the halls of Jarvis Walker since 1946, so we decided to put this to good use in a separate range of tackle under Rovex, for graduating anglers who need high-performance tackle for more demanding fishing situations. All tested to its limits in harsh Australian environments and against the world’s toughest sportfish. Proven for anglers now in more than 20 countries. For when it’s time to get serious.

Rovex fishing tackle utilises the latest materials, design concepts and technologies. Our tackle is engineered to withstand constant use in the hands of anglers who simply can’t get enough of their fishing. You know who you are: eye-stinging early mornings, late nights, a life governed by weather and tide changes, every chance you get to hunt that next big fish.

When it is time to step up, it’s time for Rovex tackle. And the best part is we remain true to the Jarvis Walker ethos of delivering maximum value for money, proving that high-quality tackle doesn’t have to empty your pockets.

Rod & Reel Spare Parts, Reel Service & Watersnake Parts, Accessories & Service

In the event of you requiring spare parts or service on any Masterline Walker product please phone us on 01684 299000 between the hours of 9.00 am and 4.30 pm Monday to Friday selecting option 2 for “Service & Spares” or email us on